Pre Filters

Irish Ventilation & Filtration Pleated Panel filters are constructed to the highest standards.

Frames are available in card case, metal or plastic. They are available in a wide range of standard sizes and three depths 22mm, 47mm, and 98mm.

Non-standard sizes available on request.

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FC Carton Panels

Rough primary filtration for intake units.

FZ Carton SC and ES Panel Filter

Rough primary filtration for intake units. Rigid cells with pleat reinforcement for larger sizes. Panel Filters available in Standard Capacity and Energy Saver (ES) versions

FZ Galva

Rough primary filtration for air intake units, in particular high moisture applications. Metal (galvanised) cells with two layers of pleat reinforcement. High dust holding synthetic media.

FZ SS - SC and ES

Rough primary filtration for air intake units, with self supporting and water repellent media.

FZ Secure

Thanks to its low initial pressure drop and 100% incinerable structure, this filter will perfectly meet your environmental policy requirements.


Rough primary filtration for air intake units. Suitable for pre filtration in the GT industry

FZ MP SC & ES Version

High Efficiency Filtration for use in Air Handling Units and filter housings. Water repellant media. Compact and economic, High filtration area, High efficiency. Tested for food contact according to CE 1935/2004 and Certified for microbial development (ISO 846-VD 6022).


Grease or oil mist filters for kitchen extract systems Heat screen when close to hot batteries Droplets separator on air treatment units


For use on fan coil units, air heaters or electric racks.