Grille is a perforated cover for an air duct (used for heating, cooling, or ventilation, or a combination thereof).

We offer wide range of various types of grilles in stock or with a short delivery time such as:

  • Eggcrate Grilles
  • Single / Double Deflection Grilles
  • Fixed Blade Grilles
  • Non Vision Grilles
  • Perforeted Plate Grilles
  • Pressed Steel Grilles
  • Linear Grilles
  • Spiral Duct Grilles

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Eggcrate Grille

Series ECG egg crate grilles are the industry standard extract grille. Comprising a core with over 90% free area with vanes parallel to airflow, egg crate grilles are capable of handling huge air volumes with minimal noise generation or pressure drop. Ideal for areas requiring high changeover rates like restaurant kitchens, painting booths etc. A 45° core is also available, with a similar high free area, but introducing non vision properties from certain angles, or giving an angled throw if used for supply.

Deflection Grille

The deflection range of grilles are versatile and cost-effective

Linear Grille

Linear bar grilles for wall and ceiling installation

Non Vision Grille

Grilles designed to maintain privacy without blocking ventilation

Perforated Plate Grille

Tamper resistant and versatile, suitable for both supply and extract functions

Pressed Steel Grille

Mostly used for warm air heating systems , can also be used in a range of internal applications