We are stockists of an extensive range Diffusers.

Available in Standard Mill Finish, White RAL9010 and Stainless Steel upon request.

We can offer a short delivery time on most orders.

  • Swirl Diffusers
  • 4-Way Diffusers
  • Linear Slot Diffusers
  • Perforated Diffusers
  • Circular Diffusers
  • Drum Jet Diffusers
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BQE-1 Swirl Diffuser

Swirl diffusers with adjustable throws

BQE-3 Swirl Diffuser

Swirl diffusers with adjustable throws

Circular Diffuser

Circular diffusers with fixed cones and removabel core and butterfly damper.

Drum Jet Diffuser

Adjustable supply diffuser, capable of handing high air volumes, ideal for large open plan areas like sports halls and airport terminals.

Linear Slot Diffuser

Fitted into ceilings or at high level in sidewalls

Ceiling Diffuser

Louvre Faced Ceiling Diffusers