Cased Axial Fans

Axial fan
with casing for duct installation

Casing made from galvanized and plastic-coated steel, short cased with two flanges. Mounting either with horizontal or vertical motor shaft. Blade made of Polyamid (PA) UL95 V-0. Direct-driven single-phase alternating current motor and three-phase motor with class F insulation system. For single-phase motors, motor protection is provided by thermal contacts built into the winding and connected in series. Three-phase motors have no internal protection system and must be connected to an external protection system. When using an electronic voltage control unit or a frequency converter, a sine filter must be used. Maintenance-free ball bearings, closed on both sides, with long-term lubrication.

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Airflow Range 140m³/hr - 900 m³/hr


Airflow Range 1700 m³/hr - 8000 m³/hr


Airflow Range 2500 m³/hr - 12000 m³/hr


Airflow Range 4800 m³/hr - 20200 m³/hr


Airflow Range 100 m³/hr - 1600 m³/hr


Airflow Range 250 m³/hr - 1600 m³/hr