Air Curtains

Irish Ventilation & Filtration are the agents for Airtècnics Air Curtains in Ireland.  We have a wide and attractive range of air curtains for every application. Air Curtains are designed to maintain a comfortable interior climate in commercial, public and industrial buildings.

Airtècnics design and produce a complete range of air curtains for all kind of applications and installations, including high energy efficiency EC motors, heat pump direct expansion coils and multiple jets. We offer tailor made, customized finishes and exclusive design solutions.

Airtècnics provide basic and advanced regulation to fulfil all the market requirements. Our Clever Control with Modbus Protocol is ready to connect to BMS system, Windows PC and smartphones via Wi-Fi.

The following selection chart shows all available models and each recommended installation height (horizontal installation):

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Minibel air curtain is recommended for openings up to 1.8 m high


OPTIMA air curtain is ideal for most of the commercial entrances up to 2,8 meters high. OPTIMA is a small and compact air curtain of elegant and friendly design with rounded shape and edges. Its external casing is customizable in any RAL color to adapt to the internal aesthetics of any premises. Air curtain OPTIMA includes a wall mounted regulation system with remote control.


WINDBOX is a compact and robust air curtain of our standard range with a timeless and eye-pleasing design. It’s a suitable air curtain for all types of commercial and industrial entrances.


Decorative, minimalist and elegant, ZEN air curtain is the favorite of architects and designers to include in their building projects. Its smart design and high performance is perfect to blend with any building’s internal or external aesthetics being also an active part of decoration or premises environment. ZEN air curtain offers infinite possibilities of customization, how far does your imagination go?


The RUND air curtain is specially designed for doors of shops and buildings with high demands on design and low noise level. RUND is a cylindrical, elegant and exclusive air curtain that can be installed in horizontal or vertical position. The RUND air curtain has multiple finishes and configurations that make it the decorative solution suitable for any interior design project.

DAM Recessed

DAM Recessed is a compact and low profile air curtain of our recessed range with a timeless and eye-pleasing design. It’s a suitable air curtain for all types of commercial and industrial entrances.